Water in Art

Water Art

A Drop of Water

Rain is a major component of life, and it falls from the sky to bathe the thirsty planet. When it fails to fall, the world turns ugly because plants and animals do not thrive. If too much falls, floods wreak havoc on nature and the infrastructure of civilization. To artists, the world is a place of beauty when just the right amount of rain drops out of the sky, and it can be as large as a forest or as small as a drop of water.

There are many beautiful objects and vistas in the world, and a single drop of water is one of them. It can sit atop a leaf and bring focus to a picture, or it can be photographed by an artist in close-up to show a reflection of the world around it. Small drops of water, sitting atop objects, present the world with a vision of their surroundings like nothing else in the world.

When conditions are just right, rainbows form out of billions of miniscule drops of water. They act as prisms for the sun, and they separate out the different colors contained in its light. They are some of the first art objects noticed and painted by small children, and they have painted the world in wonder for all of history.

Art is often a personal projection of the world around an artist, and they tend to see what others miss. Drops of water are common in many civilized places, so they are often noticed by those who observe the world and create art. Their existence provides a focal point for some, and it opens up entire worlds for others. Photographers have begun to use high-powered lenses to share the beauty of these small drops, and the world has begun to see how something so little can mean so much.