Water in Art

Water Art

Creating Art by Spraying Water

The world of nature has long been a place for mankind to relax and reflect, and the sound and sight of water is one facet of it. Still ponds may help mankind look into the infinity of the universe, but moving water has always been a fascination. Clear streams rolling over rocks and moss are attractive, but water that moves lends a sense of life to this basic element. Water coming out of fountains and rolling down with the force of gravity has been popular, but spraying water is a new way to incorporate it into an artistic display.

Artists are always seeking new ways to astonish people, and they have found spraying water is another way to connect with viewers across the world. Huge water parks, resorts and complexes have taken the concept of waterfalls and turned them upside down. Water spraying up from the ground is used to attract the eyes, and it has been mixed with audio to create a complete experience for the audience.

Water pumps and sprayers are an important part of modern society, but they are generally used in mechanical functions. Artists have expanded water art, and they have incorporated these non-artistic elements to create a new form of connection with other people. Programmed water shows are becoming more popular as a way to share the life and beauty of the water and bring it into the modern world.

Fountains were the start of this movement, but sprays have begun to replace them in many areas. Rather than simply have a single flowing stream of water going down, sprays are programmed in several ways. Some of them simply turn fountains on and off, but others change the direction of the water to enhance the show. A combination of these two techniques gives artists a chance to choreograph water into an elemental dance that can be combined with music as well as lights.